July 2020

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Patagonia Beach Days

An all-inclusive beach day!

A sunny beach day at Scheveningen beach, and there you lay, with or without your plus one, enjoying a cocktail on your VIP lounge bed. This entire summer Babylon Hotel The Hague (a bike ride away from the beach) has an exclusive partnership with thé beach club of Scheveningen: Patagonia Beach. Feel like you’re in the French riviera and experience an all-inclusive beach day and, when you choose to spend the night at the Babylon Hotel, fall asleep afterwards like a baby in the heart of The Hague. 

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August 2020

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Laughter Yoga!

It’s time to start having fun again. Laughter yoga not only is, literally, a lot of fun but it’s also really healthy. Laughing makes you happy, in every possible way! On Saturday August 1st, Babylon Hotel in The Hague will host a laughter yoga session. Do you want to start going through life with a smile on your face? The session takes about an hour, and make to sign up fast, because full really is full. 

Sign up by sending an email to info.babylon@edenhotels.nl