11 MIN

Japanese Garden, Clingendael Estate

The Japanese Garden on the Clingendael estate has a large historical value. The former owner of the estate built the garden herself in the beginning of the 20th century, making it the only Japanese Garden in The Netherlands dating back to that time. Because the rare plants and flowers are so vulnerable, the garden is only opened 8 weeks a year and under specific entrance rules. 


The Hague Forest

The Haagse Forest, or Haagse Bos, is a true green oasis. The area stretches out all the way from the Malieveld to Wassenaar. In the forest you will find palace ‘Huis ten Bosch’, where the Dutch king and his family live. The Haagse Bos is a place to escape the busy city life and to stroll the walking trails and cycling paths. The forest also has two play forests for kids.

18 MIN

The Hague beach / Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a part of The Hague located along the coast line of The Netherlands, and has obtained its popularity due to its kilometres long beaches and famous pier. Besides the locals, the area is also super popular amongst tourists. This makes the area rather busy during the summer. There are various events and festivals throughout the year and more than enough attractions and museums for you to visit.