18 MIN


Day or night? Here, it doesn’t matter. At Bleyenberg, you have everything in one location and almost don’t want to leave. Bleyenburg is located in the heart of Den Haag, and it is the place for inspiration, work, and fun. Especially the rooftop bar, night club and private karaoke rooms are a must-visit if you ask us.


Food halls

The Hague has not one but three! Foodhallen MingleMush, Hofhouse and the newest one on the Haagsche Bluf. In all food halls you can enjoy worldly dishes, tasty drinks and lots of fun. Discover them all!

20 MIN

Catch by Simonis

Looking for a good fish restaurant? Then you should definitely visit Catch by Simonis in the Scheveningen Harbour. In the stylish setting you can have lunch, dinner or a nice drink and count on fresh and traditional fish dishes and Asian fish dishes. Nice weather? Then make sure you reserve a spot on the sun-drenched terrace. 

20 MIN

Kunstmuseum (Art Museum) Den Haag

The art museum in The Hague was founded in 1866 and is the museum for modern art. The museum has over 160 thousand art pieces and is one of the largest art museums in Europe. Here, you will find art pieces from famous and important artists such as Monet and Picasso and over 300 of Piet Mondriaan’s art pieces on display. 

Tips from the Babylon team

Michelle about her favourite spots in The Hague 

10 MIN

The Mauritshuis

The Mauritshouse is a museum in The Hague where you will find famous paintings and art pieces dating back to the 17th and 18th century, from Rembrandt and Vermeer, on display. The museum has a world famous collection of paintings and art pieces and is located in an impressive monumental building next to the famous Binnen Hof in The Hague. Definitely a must-visit during your visit to the city. 

12 MIN

Peace Palace

The Peace Palace houses several international legal institutions and is a symbol of peace and justice. Its important function and unique appearance certainly contribute to the fact that the Peace Palace is the most photographed building in The Hague. During a guided tour you will discover the beautiful gardens, architecture and interior of the Peace Palace.

11 MIN

Escher in The Palace

Escher in het Paleis, or Escher in the Palace, is an art museum which is dedicated to Escher’s work. The museum is located in a beautiful small 18th century palace. Escher is one of the most well-known graphic artists in the world, and owns his popularity from his “impossible” paintings. His collection is on permanent display in the museum and is interesting for every age!

10 MIN


Madurodam is a Dutch miniature city where you can find exact replicas of Dutch buildings and cities, and you can learn a lot about the Dutch cultural heritage. You will get blown away by everything there is to see. However, besides admiring, there is also plenty to do! There are multiple interactive activities which are fun for all kinds of ages. Yep, Madurodam is definitely worth a visit!

11 MIN

Japanese Garden, Clingendael Estate

The Japanese Garden on the Clingendael estate has a large historical value. The former owner of the estate built the garden herself in the beginning of the 20th century, making it the only Japanese Garden in The Netherlands dating back to that time. Because the rare plants and flowers are so vulnerable, the garden is only opened 8 weeks a year and under specific entrance rules. 


The Hague Forest

The Haagse Forest, or Haagse Bos, is a true green oasis. The area stretches out all the way from the Malieveld to Wassenaar. In the forest you will find palace ‘Huis ten Bosch’, where the Dutch king and his family live. The Haagse Bos is a place to escape the busy city life and to stroll the walking trails and cycling paths. The forest also has two play forests for kids.

18 MIN

The Hague beach / Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a part of The Hague located along the coast line of The Netherlands, and has obtained its popularity due to its kilometres long beaches and famous pier. Besides the locals, the area is also super popular amongst tourists. This makes the area rather busy during the summer. There are various events and festivals throughout the year and more than enough attractions and museums for you to visit. 

12 MIN

International Fireworks Festival

Every year, the International Fireworks Festival takes place on the beach of Scheveningen. Where previously several countries competed with each other, fighting for who could deliver the most beautiful fireworks show, nowadays it is no longer a competition. As of this year, the festival is spread over four locations along the Scheveningen coast. Don't miss it!

10 MIN

Louwman museum

According to those in the know, the Louwman Museum houses one of the most beautiful automobile collections in the world. The collection comprises more than 250, often unique, cars and is not only worth a visit for the petrolhead junkies but also shows a unique chunk of the history of the automobile. From time to time, varying exhibitions come out, enquire about this at the hotel reception. 

Museum Voorlinden
14 MIN

Museum Voorlinden

Voorlinden is a private museum for modern and contemporary art at a magnificent estate in the dunes at Wassenaar, a stone's throw from The Hague. Businessman and art collector Joop van Caldenborgh realised his dream here in 2016: a museum of international allure that houses his renowned collection. The attractive white building offers a space for Van Caldenborgh's rich and surprising collection, permanent works of art made especially for the museum and temporary exhibitions.

Kinderboeken museum

Children's book museum

Children can learn about youth literature in a playful way at the Children's Book Museum in The Hague. Learning, experiencing and doing are key elements of a museum visit. All exhibitions and workshops at the museum stimulate the imagination and awaken the joy of reading. 

17 MIN

The Hague Market place

The Hague Market (‘De Haagse Markt’) is one of the largest multicultural markets in Europe. Antiques, foreign, modern, inexpensive, unique: it’s all here at The Hague Market. The merchandise here reflects the multicultural population of the city. Walk through the food area where Dutch cauliflower is amiably on display beside fresh coriandar, baklava, sharon fruit, fresh fish and yardlong beans. Be delighted by the extensive flower market and feast your eyes on the clothing and footwear section.