Tips from the team

Michelle about her favourite spots in The Hague

Michelle started as a receptionist at the Babylon Hotel and in 5 years time became a front office manager. This enthusiastic woman has lived in The Hague all her life and knows the city like the back of her hand. She is more than happy to tell you about her favourite places in and nearby the city!

Panorama Mesdag

It's not the most famous museum in The Hague, but it's definitely one of Michelle's favourites. 'I just love Panorama Mesdag. I like the fact that it is not a standard museum with only paintings. It's also really an experience, when you enter you go up a staircase in the dark and then the bright light of the panorama greets you. So the suspense is really built up. What I like about the panorama is that you can really see the city as it used to be, I have lived here all my life so it is nice to see how it used to look when everything wasn't completely built up. I was once invited to the Panorama Mesdag with colleagues and we were given a guided tour underneath the panorama. Then you can actually see how it was made, really cool to see! I don't know if they offer such tours as standard, but I would certainly ask them if I were to go there again.'

Suzie Q

The restaurant you really must go to if you’re staying at Babylon Hotel Den Haag? According to Michelle, that is without a doubt Suzie Q! Michelle: 'I'm a vegetarian myself and at Suzie Q you can eat really good vegetarian food! It's also situated at a great location, at the second harbour in Scheveningen. Especially in the summer I love to have dinner or lunch at Suzie Q. You can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view, watching the boats passing by. I also like the concept of Suzie Q. They have a shared dining concept; perfect to go with several people and order all kinds of delicious dishes. Although I am a vegetarian, I know that it is also great to go here if you do eat meat (or fish). There is something for everyone: vegetarian, Asian, burgers, oysters; you name it! A lunch or dinner at Suzie Q can also be combined with a nice walk on the boulevard.'

Shopping street Frederik Hendriklaan

The longest shopping street in The Hague and the place where Michelle has been since childhood, Frederik Hendriklaan or ‘De Fred’ is definitely one of Michelle's favourites. 'De Fred is my favourite shopping street in The Hague and I always recommend guests to go here instead of to the well-known shopping streets in the city centre. De Fred is full of small boutiques and specialty shops, you will hardly find a big chain here. My parents have their own vegetable shop on De Fred, so I have been coming here since I was a child. De Fred is fun to visit all day long, the shops do close around 5/6 o'clock, but after that there are always all the cosy restaurants.'   


Museum Voorlinden

Not only Panorama Mesdag is one of Michelle’s favourite museums, Museum Voorlinden is also on her list of favourites. 'I really like museums that are not average. Panorama Mesdag is one of them, but Museum Voorlinden is also very nice. In Museum Voorlinden you can also find paintings on the wall, but there are also very funny alternative works of art. I would describe it as a museum with "funny modern art". You probably know the pictures of a swimming pool where it looks like the people are standing on the bottom. That is in Museum Voorlinden! You can walk underneath the 'pool', which makes it look like there are people in it for the visitors standing above it, I find that very funny!'

Pluk Den Haag

Pluk Den Haag is not very well known, but is definitely a must if you want to get away from the city for a while and enjoy nature. 'Pluk is really in the middle of the forest and the ideal getaway to escape the city for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet. At Pluk, you can drink coffee, visit the shop with organic and veggie products, cuddle with animals and pick your own fruit in the picking garden. What I really like (and recommend to people in the neighbourhood) is that you can adopt your own Christmas tree here, so much fun! You can pick up a tree on a certain date and bring it back, and it will be re-planted. Much better than burning a tree, right?'