12 MIN

Peace Palace

The Peace Palace houses several international legal institutions and is a symbol of peace and justice. Its important function and unique appearance certainly contribute to the fact that the Peace Palace is the most photographed building in The Hague. During a guided tour you will discover the beautiful gardens, architecture and interior of the Peace Palace.

11 MIN

Escher in The Palace

Escher in het Paleis, or Escher in the Palace, is an art museum which is dedicated to Escher’s work. The museum is located in a beautiful small 18th century palace. Escher is one of the most well-known graphic artists in the world, and owns his popularity from his “impossible” paintings. His collection is on permanent display in the museum and is interesting for every age!

10 MIN


Madurodam is a Dutch miniature city where you can find exact replicas of Dutch buildings and cities, and you can learn a lot about the Dutch cultural heritage. You will get blown away by everything there is to see. However, besides admiring, there is also plenty to do! There are multiple interactive activities which are fun for all kinds of ages. Yep, Madurodam is definitely worth a visit!