Facilities and placement layouts

The Babylon Hotel has 7 different meeting rooms that can be arranged and/or combined in a multifunctional way. All rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment such as a digital whiteboard, ClickShare facility and its own Wi-Fi network. The rooms range from 35 m² to 200 m²; providing a suitable space for every type of gathering.

Our Meeting Rooms

Meeting room Height (m) Price (€) Airco Daylight Wheelchair Wi-Fi
  • School
  • Theater
  • U-Shape
  • Diner
  • Block
  • Cabaret
  • Reception
Lange Voorhout + Binnenhof EH---DHBA---MEETING---6.jpg
186 2.95 - 45 160 40 100 45 80 160
Executive Suite EH---DHBA---MEETING---18.jpg
15 2.40 - 10
2e Kamer EH---DHBA---MEETING---2.jpg
32 3.00 - 30 20 20 16 16 20 30
1e Kamer EH---DHBA---MEETING---14.jpg
36 3.00 - 16 30 20 20 16 16 30
Vijverberg EH---DHBA---MEETING---11.jpg
45 2.95 - 16 40 16 16 16 30 16
Noordeinde EH---DHBA---MEETING---9.jpg
45 2.92 - 16 40 16 16 16 16 30
Lange Voorhout EH---DHBA---MEETING---6.jpg
112 2.95 - 32 100 55 40 64 100 32
Binnenhof EH---DHBA---MEETING---4.jpg
74 2.95 - 24 70 24 45 30 48 70

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Placement layouts

In our meeting rooms, various arrangements are possible at both formal and informal events such as workshops and presentations. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right setup.


This arrangement is suitable for formal presentations with the focus on the speaker. Tables are set up allowing participants to take notes.


This arrangement is suitable for formal meetings, such as a presentation for a larger group. Interaction plays a less important role and the focus is on the speaker. There are no tables at the participants.


The u-form is a somewhat more informative setting suitable for a smaller group discussion with an interactive goal, such as a brainstorming session.


Is there a dinner on the program? Then dinner arrangement is also a possibility. Through the round tables, everyone can easily look and talk to each other.


Block is suitable for a meeting without presentation, for example for consultation and decision making. The tables are contiguous in a square and each participant can look at each other.


This arrangement is ideal for sessions that need to be discussed or grouped in groups. The loose tables have a view on the speaker, which makes this form suitable for interactive presentations.


This informal arrangement is very suitable for festive gatherings or events and makes it easier for guests to get in touch and walk around.

We also have a number of attractive meeting packages suitable for several business occasions.

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